Alessandra Powell has to leave everything and everyone she loves behind in order to save them from Senator William Davis' wrath. She moves to DC with her faithful bodyguard Eric and does everything in her power to stay away from Kyle Davis- the Senator's son and her ex-boyfriend. However, when Kyle doesn't give up on their relationship- even though his father has forced him into an arranged engagement to millionaire heiress Victoria King- and goes looking for Alessandra she dares believe Kyle will find a way to defy his father without incurring in negative consequences and make their relationship work. 
Will whatever Kyle has planned work? 

 Krystal White

Alessandra has to learn how to live without Kyle now that that it seems eminent he will marry Victoria King. When things take an unexpected turn and a life altering event takes place that will link Alessandra and Kyle forever their lives once again become entwined and complicated. 
How will they deal with everything that keeps being thrown their way? 

1st Novella in the Alessandra Powell Series is captivating.
By J. Nelson on May 27, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I'm almost stumped for words. Krystal White writes a story that is truly captivating. Yes, I cried and cheered, but felt the anguish and frustration of Alessandra when she is pulled into political schemes. I am anxiously ready to read the rest of this series to find out how her life unfolds. I not only recommend this book, but encourage you to enjoy this author's work. WOW
Ella LeNell
J. Nelson